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Industry, the rapid development of China's concrete pump

Concrete pump, also known as concrete pump, concrete conveyor is mainly used for high-rise, high-speed, large concrete overpass project work. Concrete machinery is the basic construction of the "conventional weapons", demand, widely used in the construction of industrial, civil and national defense construction. In the advanced industrial countries, concrete producers, marking a national level of manufacturing industry. After decades of development, China's concrete machinery has become an important part of the construction machinery, a significant share in the construction machinery industry, has formed a large-scale production capacity, product performance has been greatly improved, the market competition more and more intense.

In recent years, the continued development of the domestic infrastructure construction led to domestic commercial concrete industry to take off, the scale of construction and expansion of the scope is to promote the rapid development of construction machinery and concrete conveying machinery, to provide a larger market for concrete pump truck space. Concrete pump is an important tool for the construction industry, with the rapid development of the domestic commercial concrete industry and construction machinery leasing business, the expansion of construction scale and scope, as well as the large-scale development of the western region and the northeast old industrial base of the camera to start the construction, led the concrete delivery the rapid development of the machinery, concrete pump truck market space has also been further expanded.

With the rapid development of the domestic commercial concrete industry and machinery rental business, concrete pump more widely used in the construction industry, civil construction, national defense construction, infrastructure construction, transportation and energy, and promote concrete pump truck market the rapid development of market supply and demand space. At present, China's use of concrete pump truck units are rapidly increasing, pump manufacturing enterprises and increasing production, product performance, quality, rapid increases.