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Concrete delivery pump feed throat clogging exclude measures

Concrete pump feed throat clogging the feed port blocking, usually pumping action and hydraulic systems were normal, no abnormal sound and vibration hopper larger aggregates or agglomerates, stuck at the mouth of the feed or arch onwards. Remedy the pump to run in the reverse direction to destroy the caking of the concrete hopper re-mixing, and then forward pumping. If that does not work, you need to manually clean up, be excluded.

Dispensing valve clogging of the material at the outlet spout clogging the and usually pumping system action is suddenly interrupted, and there is abnormal sound, the device has a strong vibration, but no corresponding vibration in the pipeline. Remedy to the hopper into the grout repeatedly positive and reverse start the pump, forcing the path open. If this method does not dare, can only be artificial to exclude, remove the connected tube, remove the valve debris. The pipe valve blocked is gradually formed, mainly because of pumping concrete, not in a timely manner with high pressure water washing, resulting in concrete left in the tube, after a considerable period of time gradually thickening, accumulation of consolidation, causing blockage.

Remedy pumping concrete after, be sure to use high-pressure water pump and S tube rinse. When the flush is invalid, can be used brazing knock to remove the residue, until thoroughly clean. Concrete delivery pipes get clogged when the delivery pressure is gradually increased, while the the hopper material level does not drop, pipe outlet out of material, the vibration of the pump, piping associated with strong vibration and displacement can be determined that the pipes get clogged. Clogging parts of the judgment clogging generally occurs in the bend, taper pipe, and there is a lot of vibration.

At this point, available Xiaochui along the pipeline beat, sound dull Department to blockages; the sound crisp Department normal. Ears, the sound of rustling as normal, harsh sound for blockages. Remedy When plugging occurs, should be taken immediately repeated, reverse pump, the pump outlet gradually sucked back into the concrete hopper re-mixing after delivery. Can also be used wooden hammer percussion, combined with positive and reverse pump, dredge;

When the above approach is invalid, severe blockage. Identify clogging segment, remove the tube, wind or a hammer to drive or high-pressure water washing with high pressure, to be thoroughly cleaned, followed by a good pipeline to continue pumping concrete.