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Concrete pump novice guidance

Basic maintenance

1, the hydraulic tank when lack of hydraulic oil additional petrochemical products in China Hydraulic Oil Type Wall (Zhuoli) 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil. Blackened (deterioration) or becomes milky (emulsion), replace the the FCL hydraulic oil hydraulic oil. Before each pumping hydraulic oil tank drain the loose hydraulic tank outfall screw plug, slow operating steam precipitation in the previous release pumping water.

2, lubricating oil tank must be time to add lithium grease pumped per 200 square concrete look, the grease is less than normal. On the market, said the concrete pump grease summer lithium grease 00 #, 000 # lithium grease in winter.

3, other parts have grease fittings timing beat the butter.

4, the main fuel tank water tank after each pumping water off before the next pumping coupled with water required box. Can be judged by watching the water quality of the tank, conveying cylinder piston damage If it is found inside the water turbidity as concrete color generally cylinder piston has damage, the need for timely replacement. (Usually on both sides with replacement)

5, the hydraulic system back to the oil filter on the vacuum gauge pressure gauge steady at 0.35 MPa when the need to replace the internal filter (paper core filter). The other two vacuum gauge pressure gauge pointer in the Red Zone when the need to clean or replace the filter.

6, the regular replacement of wearing parts (generally based on concrete square to count): glasses, plates cutting ring, big-endian long chrome-coated sleeve and seal the small end of the wear sleeve and seal, stirring wear sleeve and seal. Guidance, please contact the staff up to a certain amount of square replacement.

The basic operation of concrete pumping

Preparation: 1, check the machine for oil leaks everywhere. 2, check the water tank is add water. 3, check the fuel tank is lack of oil or less oil. 4, check whether the load to start (such as closing the mixing valve). 5, check the hopper if anyone and debris. 6, check the glasses plate and cutting ring gap is normal (the gap is generally 0.5-1 mm). 7, pipeline distribution to avoid too many corners, curved and large pipes lead to a harsh pumping conditions. 8, the position of the pump placed is flat.

Start work: Wait for the motor to start the motor after 8 seconds star delta conversion (AC contactor trip will hear sound in the control cabinet), then jog operation placed inside the cylinder, master cylinder hold back pressure operation jog operation while observing the pressure. actions on the table, placed inside the cylinder pressure is normal in 17-19MPa (watch the swing gauge), the master cylinder pressureout normal in 25-30Mpa (Watch the primary system pressure gauge). Mixing ball valve open-load pressure is normal in of 0-1 Mpa (watch the mixing pressure gauge) and the stirring shaft normal operation (Note: in the face of the direction of the electrical enclosure mixing axial the dextral converted forward). Radiator control switch is turned on, observe whether the proper cooling. Start pumping button above examination was normal, let no-load operation for 5-10 minutes (warm-up machine), and measured at this time master cylinder commutation frequency normal 20-24 after the end of the above operation, observe the machine The valve block each surface and connections for oil leaks, so that early detection and early problem-solving.

Concrete pumping work: concrete pumping process first pumping water, then pumping mortar, lay concrete. According to the length of the pipe to determine the amount of water and mortar is generally less than 50 meters pipe pumping a bucket of water, 1 square mortar, after longer pipeline and so on. After completion of the above steps observed when pumping concrete mixer material Stir segregation, handling concrete pumping standards according to the situation. Pumping process by adjusting the pressure reducing valve to adjust the pumping speed of the feeding pump, by watching the pressure gauge of control to operate ships minimum pressure setting in the 1.5 MPa, the maximum pumping speed can be achieved at this time, the maximum pressure is set at 3 MPa, at this time the slowest speed pumping (generally only in long-distance and high-level slow pumping). Plugging in judgment, hammer pump, the normal plugging in the conical tube at the elbow.

Cleaning work after the end of the pumping: the concrete pumping immediately after the end of the generous amount of pumping to clean the pipes and hopper (Note: pump up water may increase the sponge column the down pump water must Sehai the cotton column or gauze bag ). Then stop the machine, turn off the power, open the gate at the bottom of the hopper to let go of the concrete can not be pumped out of the hopper, ensure that the inner wall of the hopper is not scaling cement concrete chipped away with a steel rod that can not be washed away.

Good operating practices, can effectively improve the life of equipment.