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Sany Heavy Industry were entertained each other still have the opportunity to dismiss the lawsuit against Obama

According to Voice of the economy reports, "Sany sued U.S. President Barack Obama regarding the progress Sany President Xiang Wenbo microblogging announced yesterday (23) by the district court judge in Washington has decided to accept the case, and stressed that the United States the judicial history of the first. However, experts pointed out that, according to the American judicial process, the Obama team of lawyers can the application to set aside the really hearing this case there is still a long way from the court.

Difficult to see that the trace of excitement to text wave microblogging between the lines. Sany Heavy Industry is the world's largest concrete machinery manufacturer, its subsidiary in the United States to enter the wind power business through mergers and acquisitions, the purchase of four wind farms in Oregon, near a military base.

In September last year, U.S. President Barack Obama issued an executive order on national security grounds, the requirements for a closed project, decided to sue Obama at October 3, and a high-profile conference was held. Xiang Wenbo said at the press conference, this area is already a number of foreign companies for wind farms built operation of 30 billion yuan of investment has failed to be implemented, the prosecution is to fight for the legitimate rights and interests.

Xiang Wenbo: People say that the relocation affecting national security, we agree to be relocated, but we hope to get some compensation. Transferred to others, or even transferred to the Americans, the United States said no, you not only can not be transferred, the Chinese people still can not go in, your property can not be moved, playing an inappropriate analogy with the local ruffians unreasonable.

Cross-border litigation expert Hao Junbo said, in fact, has always been the Washington District Court in multiple requests, some were rejected.

Hao Junbo: including the revocation of the original decision on punishment on them, they think the government punishment without due process. The judge ruled that, on the one hand, clearly the court has no power to review the decision of the President, revocation, on the other hand, he believes that the Court can continue to hear the Government to explain the need to be punished.

Hao Junbo also stressed that in accordance with the judicial process in the United States, the Obama party shall have the right to reject the decision of the court hearing, and this is just a stage victory.

Hao Junbo: the application is dismissed, according to the program, the defendant has the right to find out the reason for the case was not heard significance. I was a first-round victory, there will be a second round, If you can succeed in, substantial trial.

In other words, the case eventually can really hearing not to say. Sany person in charge of the U.S. wind power project "Wu Jialiang Reply to reporters via SMS, each needs assessment, compromise or continue to battle."

Although the District Court in Washington can not revoke the resolution of the President, but decided to deal with the case be regarded as a stage victory. Department of Commerce International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute Dr. Mei Xinyu said, Sany Heavy Industry to fight the lawsuit, there are three levels of objectives the lowest target has been achieved, the present situation.

Mei Xinyu: To derive a lesson not at liberty to dispose of the assets of Chinese companies in the United States, which is the minimum program has essentially been achieved. Maximum program of course, is the prosecution in favor of Obama, but the probability is very small. Fight for intermediate target, the U.S. government-to-business loss compensation, to go to this effort.

Last year before the U.S. presidential elections, Trinity, Huawei, ZTE and other US-funded enterprises have suffered unequal treatment by the U.S. government on national security grounds, or ask the Chinese company had to close the project, or to investigate. United States Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said Professor Zhang Guoqing, Trinity take up legal arms to fight for their rights, other companies can for example.

Zhang: If Chinese companies can not fight, then after that it might become the norm. Trinity is not only for themselves, but also to fight for their rights more Chinese enterprises, other enterprises encountered trade barriers or unfair treatment, it may take up legal arms.