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2019年马会全年资料官网 Fine aggregate concrete pump

Product Name:Fine Stone Concrete Pump
Updated:2014-06-02 11:27
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Performance Features:

1. For dynamical system, local famous brand of motor is applied;

2. The applied hydraulic system with dual pump and dual circuit is with low pulse and high reliability;

3. It has the function of anti-pumping which is helpful for timely removing of tube plugging and it can stop to wait for materials in short time periods;

4. The adopted advanced S pipe distributing valve can automatically compensate the wear gap with a good sealing property;

5. The service life of adopted wear-resisting alloy glass-like plate and cutting ring is longer;

6. Long stroke material cylinder has prolonged the service life of material cylinder and piston;

7. The optimal designed hopper has better casing capability and higher work efficiency;

8. Automatic centralized lubrication systems can ensure a effective lubrication to the machine;

9. The humanized design makes the operation more convenient and the maintenance simpler.

Technical Parameters:
Parameter HBTS50.10-55E
Theoretical maximum throughput 48
Maximum pumping pressure mpa 10
Motor power Motor 55kw
Rotate speed of motor r/min 1480
Diameter/stroke of main oil cylinder mm 125/1000
Cylinder bore / stroke of conveying cylinder mm 200/1000
Hopper capacity 0.68
Theoretical maximum conveying distance M Concrete 500/120
Overall dimensions mm 5300*2160*2500
Total mass kg 5000