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Product Name:Integrated Concrete Pump
Updated:2014-06-18 11:33
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Features of Integrated Pump - Chulong Machinery

1. The mixer and transfer pump are integrated together, providing dual purposes

2. The concrete pump has solid chassis, which is convenient for power traction

3. The concrete pump has mature and stable hydraulic system with security, reliability and unique structure design, convenient for after-sale service

4. The mixer and transfer pump are integrated together through electronic control, ease of handling

5. Various styles available for customers to choose. It can be divided into electric motor type and diesel engine type according to the electric power condition of customers; and can be divided into truck-mounted type and towed type according to the transportation situation

Technical Parameters:
Parameter HBTS30.08-37E
Theoretical maximum throughput of pump machine 36
Maximum pumping pressure of pump machine MP 8
Type pf pump distributing valve S valve
Main oil pump displacement of pump machine L/MIN 100/112
Engine power of pump machine kw 37
Hopper capacity 0.4
Theoretical maximum delivery distance (horizontal / vertical) M Concrete 300/80
Mixer model JZC350
Mixer motor 5.5KW
Lifting motor 4.5KW
Filling height 1300
Rated voltage 380V
Length, width and height 4500*2250*3750
Weight KG 5700