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Product Name:80 series diesel engine Trailer-mounted Concrete Pump
Updated:2014-06-04 11:17
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Product Features:

1. Achieving mutual independence between pumping oil circuit of main pump and swing oil circuit of S valve by applying the open type hydraulic system with dual pump and dual circuit that the system is more advanced with stability, maturity, simplicity, and reliability.

2. The application of PLC programmable electric system makes it easy to conduct the collection and launch of various signals, and it can be connected with computer for restoring of initial program in case of abnormity.

3. Pumping system is equipped with safety overflow protection, thus oil pump pressure would be cut off automatically in case of overpressure in main pumping system, and the main pump would be under multi-level protection.

4. In configuration, the main oil pump applies the Rexroth in Germany, in America, and KAWASAKI in Japan.Application of world's top brand to key parts and application of local famous brand to non-key parts is insisted to ensure the stability and reliability of products.

5. Brand new arc design with one-time modeling and no accumulation of materials is applied in hopper to ensure a good casing capability.

6. Imported Italian MANULI rubber hose is applied as the hydraulic hose to ensure the cleanliness of hydraulic system and prolong the service life of pump.

7. The cleaning pool independently developed by Chulong Machinery makes the cleanliness of hydraulic system exceeding those of rivals by far, and the system would be more stable.

8. The service life of adopted alloy glass-like plate and cutting ring, polyurethane piston is twice as long as the common deposited glass-like plate, cutting ring, and piston.

9. The adopted imported five curve diesel engine with the speed automatically controlled by accelerator counter can effectively reduce the labour intensity with the percentage of energy conservation above 20%.

Technical Parameters:
Parameter HBTS80.13-130R
Theoretical maximum throughput of concrete m³/h 88
Pumping pressure of concrete MPa 13
Form of distributing valve S pipe valve
Specification of concrete cylinder mm 200*1800
Hopper capacity m³ 0.68
Diameter of discharge hole mm 180
Filling height mm 1450
Motor type 226B
Cooling of motor Water-cooled diesel motor
Rated power kw 130
Maximum torque n/m 572/1400r.p.m
Rated speed r/min 2200
Minimum speed r/min 600
Form of hydraulic circuit Open type circuit
Oil pressure of pumping system (set value of safety valve) MPa 32
Capacity of hydraulic oil tank L 580
Capacity of fuel tank L 250
Overall dimensions mm 6550*2160*2700
Gross mass kg 6480